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IBC AeroFix

Support for photovoltaic system

Manufacturer IBC SOLAR

The IBC AeroFix is an in-house development from IBC SOLAR, based on years of experience with ballasted flat roof mounting systems. It is particularly suitable for plastic foil and bituminous roofs and allows the installation of photovoltaic systems on roofs with Iow Ioad capacity. Since it is installed without penetrating the roof, the roof skin remains intact. The aerodynamic construction, optimized in several wind tunnels test, in combination with the module array ensure an extremer stable system — even in case of heavy wind Ioads.
Other advantages: By using high-quality materials Iike aluminum and stainless steel and a high degree of pre-fabrication, the system offers the optimum solution for any application where
an exceptional level of quality, efficiency and flexibility is required.

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Support for photovoltaic system IBC AeroFix - IBC SOLAR

Support for photovoltaic system IBC AeroFix - IBC SOLAR
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