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Manufacturer 8-Chemie

OTTOFLEX Collection
OTTOFLEX Primer -  Characteristics: Synthetic resin dispersion based on styrene butadiene • Solvent-free • In combination with OTTOFLEX Protective Coating it complies with the requirements of the moisture resistance classes A0 according to ZDB-instruction sheet as well as A according to abP • Store and transport frost-free. Fields of application: • Primer for OTTOFLEX Protective Coating, on absorbent and heavily absorbent substrates such as gypsum plasterboards, gypsum plaster components, plaster, concrete, cellular concrete, masonry, stone, screed, chipboard of fibreboard. Standards and tests: • Tested in relation to OTTOFLEX Protective Coating in accordance with the test principles to issue a general appraisal certificate for liquid processable sealings in relation to tile and paving tiles • Conform to the moisture resistance classes A0 according to ZDB and A according to abP • Meets the requirement classes W1 and W2 according to ÖNORM B 2207.
Primer OTTOFLEX Primer - 8-Chemie

Primer OTTOFLEX Primer - 8-Chemie
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