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OTTO Tiefengrund

Substrate strength agent

Manufacturer 8-Chemie

OTTO Collection
OTTO Deep Primer - The substrate strength agent. Characteristics: • Solvent-free primer for floors and walls • Impregnates deeply into the surface • Forms a very good bonding agent for subsequent coatings • Improves the adhesion of plasters, tile adhesives and wallpapers • Dilutable 1:2 with water • Store and transport frost-free. Fields of application: • Priming and reinforcing of absorbent and less absorbent surfaces • Primer should be applied prior to the application of acrylate coatings and commercially available solvent-free tile adhesives on gypsum boards, gypsum and lime-gypsum plasterings, gypsum floors, gypsum fibreboards, concrete, cellular concrete, sand-lime brick, bricks, masonry, plasters, screeds, anhydrite floors and melted asphalt screeds, panelling, priming and self-spreading floor leveling compounds • Use within the scope of tile setting according to DIN 18157-1 • Facilitates the removal of wallpapers during renovating work • Improves the load-bearing strength and firmness of the substrate. Standards and tests: • Meets the requirement classes W1 and W2 according to ÖNORM B 2207.
Substrate strength agent OTTO Tiefengrund - 8-Chemie

Substrate strength agent OTTO Tiefengrund - 8-Chemie
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