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Neutral high temperature silicone

Manufacturer 8-Chemie

OTTOSEAL® Collection
OTTOSEAL® S 17 -  The neutral high temperature silicone. Characteristics: Neutral-curing • 1-component silicone sealant • Extraordinary long-term temperature resistance up to +285 °C • Non-corrosive. Fields of application: • High temperature resistant and still elastic bonding and sealing, e. g. for cast member heating boilers, exhaust boxes, tile stoves etc. • Also suitable for applications in automotive areas for engines and gearboxes. Standards and tests: • UL 94 Flame Classification HB, RTI 105 °C, File No. E 176319 • Conform to LEED® IEQ-credits 4.1 (Indoor Environmental Quality) adhesives and sealants. Additional useful information: The difference between the two high temperature silicones, OTTOSEAL® S 17 and OTTOSEAL® S 25, lies in the type of curing: OTTOSEAL® S 17 is a neutral curing sealant based on oxime; OTTOSEAL® S 25 is an acetate curing sealant. The high temperature resistance of OTTOSEAL® S 17 of up to +285 °C is complemented by the fact that the sealant is non-corrosive. The high degree of Shore-A hardness of approx. 35 is also indicative of the notch-resistant properties. These combined values result in a sealant that is suitable for use in heavy-duty applications, e. g. engines and transmissions.
Neutral high temperature silicone OTTOSEAL® S 17 - 8-Chemie

Neutral high temperature silicone OTTOSEAL® S 17 - 8-Chemie
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