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Window bar filler

Manufacturer 8-Chemie

OTTOSEAL® Collection
OTTOSEAL® S 112 - Window bar filler. Characteristics: • Plastic 1-component silicone sealant based on alkoxy • Good weathering and ageing resistance • Good UV-resistance • Good compatibility with paints according to DIN 52452 (not paintable) • Low odour • Non-corrosive. Fields of application: • For sealing and back filling of frames and window bars on windows and doors - improves the leak tightness. The filling material has less adhesion in comparison to standard glazing sealants, so its easier to remove the wndow bars for repair works • Avoids accumulation of condensation through ncoming warm air and thus protects against humidity affecting the edge sealing, which could lead to damages to the wooden window frame • For a sealing on the window frame below the glass edge. Please avoid full surface contact with the isolation glass edge sealing • For compatibility to IG-edge sealing materials please see our recent compatibility list. The up-to-date list can be downloaded from our website www.otto-chemie.com • Compatible with laminated safety glass units. Please contact our technical service department for details
Window bar filler OTTOSEAL® S 112 - 8-Chemie

Window bar filler OTTOSEAL® S 112 - 8-Chemie
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