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OTTO Cleaner C


Manufacturer 8-Chemie

OTTO Collection
OTTO Cleaner C - The profile-cleaner. Characteristics: • Solvent mixture • Very good cleaning and degreasing effect • Dries quickly leaving no residue • Ventilation time not required • Compatible with conventional powder coatings • Free of chlorinated hydrocarbon. Fields of application: • Cleaning of substrate before adhesion • Removing of dust, grease or oil films, residues of protection film, fresh PUR-foam and fresh sealant residues • Removing of fresh PU- and Epoxi-residues on surfaces and working equipment • Cleaning of aluminium profiles (plain, anodised aluminium or powder-coated) • For the cleaning of many surfaces in plastic and metal processing areas.
Profile-cleaner OTTO Cleaner C - 8-Chemie

Profile-cleaner OTTO Cleaner C - 8-Chemie
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