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Sled base upholstered chair

Manufacturer Johanson Design

“Guiding principles during the creative process have addressed the issue of long sittings, and the resulting ergonomic design and new exciting contours have created a visually inspiring chair,” says Johan Lindstén.It’s the relationship between the back and the seat that Johan Lindstén has tackled in this project. With a focus on ergonomics, the back has been given an over-sized wrap-around section that actually starts in the seat. The back of the chair and the seat have a fabric-covered wooden frame and the legs are of steel. The fabrics can be varied limitlessly and this is why the chair was given its special name.“Everyone has an own style or dress code and this is also true of different environments, buildings and rooms. I want every interior designer to be able to decide on the dress code for each room .Every chair can be personal and, depending on the fabric chosen, it can represent tranquillity or elegance, or be suitable for a masquerade or black-tie dinner. The interior designer takes on the role of party organizer, making sure that the chair will function in any particular setting,” explains Johan Lindstén.

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Sled base upholstered chair DRESSCODE - Johanson Design

Sled base upholstered chair DRESSCODE - Johanson Design
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