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BI-CUBO | Track-Light

LED Track-Light

Manufacturer LUCIFERO'S

Bi-cubo Collection
Professional 230V track and base-mounted professional spotlights for 10W LED, 35W 230V HI-PAR ESD50 metal halide and max 50W QPAR16 and QR-CB51 halogen lamps. Optic unit box sliding along the controlgear box. Compact and uniform design. Bi-Cubo, essential, performing and versatile. LED bound.
Concept: essential, performing, versatile, designed for LED – Bi-cubo results from the project mission to create a compact project lamp which is above allstylistically homogeneous. Most of the existing projector lamps, in fact, are characterized by a different design of the optical unit compared with the one of thebox housing the power supply unit. Since the usual application for this kind ofproducts is a “ designed” place, where the designer mainly wants the projector lampto be hidden as much as possible, from the beginning Bi-cubo development aimed tocreate an item which “ disappears ” in the space and the idea to make it be a kind ofsingle box, with squared and compact lines, has been the cornerstone of the work the design team carried out.2. Dimensions and Materials – The optical unit of Bi-cubo is deliberately made in one single size, actually in order to obtain a stylistic homogeneous effect even when different models are employed into the same place. What is different is the length of the box housing the power supply unit, depending on different models. Bi-cubo is made of aluminium and steel. 

Track Version 230V- One dimension, characterized by an optical unit and a box ofpower supply of a size. The aesthetical result is a kind of compact “ package”consisting of two blocks placed side by side.

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LED Track-Light BI-CUBO | Track-Light - LUCIFERO'S

LED Track-Light BI-CUBO | Track-Light - LUCIFERO'S
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