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iNova MEMS 1AX / 2AX

Inclinometer wireless uniaxial (or biaxial)

Manufacturer NOVATEST

The inclinometer uniaxial (or biaxial) Wall MEMS1 iNova allows you to keep under constant control structures of any kind granted by rotations in order to ensure that a proper system of monitoring and real-time alarm. The typical application is the monitoring inclinometer parts of civil and industrial works, works of containment, rock walls and monumental buildings of artistic interest. The mounting structure of the sensor can be effected by means of appropriate adjustable brackets for fixing to zero. The thermometer and hygrometer, built in the instrument, to assess the effect of relative humidity and temperature on the structure and on the sensor to distinguish the seasonal variations from the actual rotations. The MEMS capacitive transducer ensures a good thermal stability and excellent linearity. The container is suitable for being placed on the outside and has degree of protection IP67.

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Technical Features
• Sensor: Capacitive MEMS 1AX unioaxial inclinometer
• Resolution range +/- 3°: 0.002°
• Range: +/- 15° (also available with a range of +/- 30°)
• Non-linearity (range -25 +85°C): <0.014%
• Thermal drift (range -25 +85°C): <0.002 °/°C
• Cross Axis Sensitivity: <2.0%
• Autonomy (with rate 1 reading / 10min): >10 years
• Dimensions: 80x80x55 mm
• Storing data offline: 80,000 readings
• Temperature sensor integrated
• Resolution: 0.01°C
• Accuracy: +/- 0.3°C
• Repeatability: +/- 0.1°C
• Range: -40 to +120°C
• Long-term drift: <0.04°C / year
• Humidity sensor integrated
• Resolution: 0.04% RH
• Accuracy: +/-2.0% RH
• Repeatability: +/- or 1% RH
• Range: 0-100% RH
• Long-term drift: <0.5% RH / year

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Inclinometer wireless uniaxial (or biaxial) iNova MEMS 1AX / 2AX - NOVATEST

Inclinometer wireless uniaxial (or biaxial) iNova MEMS 1AX / 2AX - NOVATEST
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