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VSN750 Plant Manager

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

Manufacturer ABB

The VSN750 Plant Manager is a high performance, data collection and communication system for a wide range of commercial, industrial or utility PV plant applications.
The VSN750 Plant Manager contains all the components needed to monitor small or medium commercial PV plants in a single enclosure.
The Plant Manager can also be used as a flexible modular system block to create large and geographically distributed utility-scale monitoring designs that require customization.
A range of networking options include fiber and copper Ethernet for building distributed PV-plant monitoring networks spread over large geographical areas.
The revenue grade metering is eligible for US performance-based incentives as well as other US REC-aggregators. 
This Plant Manager includes quality equipment for reliabile monitoring The included VSN700 Data Logger (-05) provides both customer data management and inverter command
and control through either a utility SCADA system or through the Aurora Vision® Platform where it uploads information over the Internet in near real-time.
The built-in Modbus TCP server feature in the VSN700-05 Data Logger both acts as a pass through for Modbus RTU or converts the proprietary inverter communication protocol to SunSpec compliant Modbus maps for easy SCADA system interface, data collection, and inverter commandcollection, and inverter command execution.

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Monitoring system for photovoltaic system VSN750 Plant Manager - ABB

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system VSN750 Plant Manager - ABB
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