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Aluminium Flooring joint

Manufacturer EMAC Italia

Novojunta Pro® Collection
Novojunta Pro® Movil is a profile completely made of anodized aluminium, intended to be placed in structural joints. Due to its design, it allows dimensional movements, avoiding cracks caused by expansions and contractions of constructive elements. This profile is ideal for applications with semi-heavy and intense traffic , thanks to its  great load capacity. It can be installed with pavements with different thickness using the different combinable pieces available. Its face side is striated, which gives it non-slip properties. The profile is delivered with protective film and separators to make easier the installation. It is available in matt silver or natural color.

EMAC Italia Catalogues

Aluminium Flooring joint NOVOJUNTA PRO® MOBILE - EMAC Italia

Aluminium Flooring joint NOVOJUNTA PRO® MOBILE - EMAC Italia
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