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16S24-P | Seismograph

Instrumentation for geognostic investigation

Manufacturer PASI

Geofisica Collection
There are the newest version of our well known models 16S-N, smaller, lighter and with a new user friendly interface. Available in 16S-P version (with internal PC and touchscreen) 24 channels.Able to perform refraction, reflection, MASW and microtremors, it’s the ideal field instrument due to its reduced weight and dimensions. The newest characteristics is the possibility to serialize 2 units so that to obtain a 48 channel instrument. The top level performances of this equipment have been coupled to a particularly immediate, easy-to-use and complete user interface, capable to guide operators lacking in experience as well as satisfying the needs even of the most demanding researcher. All Seismographs of the 16S-P series are the ideal solution for MASW  and MICROTREMORS acquisition. Both methods are used for the determination of the shear-wave velocity(Vs), which is the best indicator for the soil stiffness, strictly related to possible earthquake hazard.

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 - Instrumentation for geognostic investigation 3 Chanell Seismograph GEA3 - PASI Instrumentation for geognostic investigation Gea3 is a 24-bit real data acquisition seismograph. This small, extremely lightweight instrument is equipped with 3 channels+one displayable trigger channel and is the perfect solution for a variety of applications:

- DOWN-HOLE seismic measurements with the use of a 3D well geophone (such as PASI Mod.GFA or Mod.DHTG)

- CROSS-HOLE seismic measurements combined with a 3D well geophone (such as PASI Mod.GFA or Mod.DHTG) and a P/S hole energizer

small-scale seismic refraction with surface geophones and 3-channel seismic cable

- MASW and Vs30 profiles with a special triaxial geophone Gea3, connected to a computer via USB interface, allows for the acquisition, saving and later data analysis directly from your computer by means of special supplied software. 
Instrumentation for geognostic investigation 16S24-P | Seismograph - PASI

Instrumentation for geognostic investigation 16S24-P | Seismograph - PASI
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