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Aluminium Flooring joint

Manufacturer EMAC Italia

Novojunta® Collection
Profile for expansion joints composed by two sections made of aluminium and a central body made of technical cork 3/4" (20 mm.) Its main function is to avoid the accumulation of tensions coming from expansions and contractions due to thermal variations. The innovative use of this material allows to offer solutions, not only technical but also decorative, adapting so to multiple decorative styles. Novojunta Metal-Cork® is based on a total natural and renewable material which promotes and supports and ecosystem such corks, which depend a big amount of species. It is available in natural aluminium and anodized gold matte. Recommended for indoors.

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Aluminium Flooring joint NOVOJUNTA® METAL-CORK - EMAC Italia

Aluminium Flooring joint NOVOJUNTA® METAL-CORK - EMAC Italia
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