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Aluminium chain curtain

Manufacturer Kriskadecor

design by
Country Series
This series is aimed at rustic spaces, chalets and homes that enjoy rural surroundings.Tradition and modernity blend equally in this design, creating a connection between nature and the surroundings. 

BALDOSA by Kriskadecor Design Collections - Intricate geometric designs have bejewelled our floors for centuries, some are even more beautiful when worn and fading. Patterned tiles have the emotional resonance of the hand made, the imperfect. We celebrate "baldosas" with a fresh contemporary twist. Also available in BALDOSA SOFT PINK, BALDOSA BLUE e BALDOSA CITRUS GREEN version, in soft pink, blue or citrus greens. The curtain design can be hung individually or as with tiles repeated to create an entire wall covering.Dimensions: 1,35 m x 2,50 m.

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Aluminium chain curtain BALDOSA CITRUS GREEN - Kriskadecor

Aluminium chain curtain BALDOSA CITRUS GREEN - Kriskadecor
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