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EGYPT | Ashtray

Corten™ ashtray

Manufacturer Nola Industrier

design by
Egypt Collection
The pyramids and dessert sands of ancient Egypt provided the inspiration for this stylish ashtray, which was created by turning a pyramid-shaped form upside-down and filling it with sand. A metal grate is hidden beneath the sand, which lifts easily to remove cigarette ends when cleaning the ashtray. Made from COR-TEN steel, the ashtray’s surface oxidises with time to create a beautifully weathered patina. Material: The ashtray is made in COR-TEN steel, which has a weathered appearance. The frame is made in hot-dip galvanised solid steel. The removable grate is made from perforated sheet steel. Measurements: Length: 42 cm. Width: 42 cm. Height: 72 cm. Weight: 21 kg.

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Corten™ ashtray EGYPT | Ashtray - Nola Industrier

Corten™ ashtray EGYPT | Ashtray - Nola Industrier
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