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ZIGZAG | Ashtray

Steel ashtray

Manufacturer Nola Industrier

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ZigZag Collection
The ZigZag ashtray is flexible, functional and discreet. The sides of this cylindricalashtray are perforated with a repeating pattern of zigzag shapes, making it aslightweight as it is attractive. The dynamic zigzag motif for which it is named is alsothe symbol for lightning and a means of representing movement on two-dimensional surfaces. The ashtray can be paired with the ZigZag litterbin and together the two have a wide range of combination possibilities. ZigZagis available in a wall-mounted version or supplied with an attachable post that fitsinto a freestanding concrete base or mounts directly into the ground. Applications: bus-stands, entrances, golf courses, malls, outdoor cafées, parking, restaurant,shopping malls, terraces, yards. Measurements: Ø 15 cm. Height: 24 cm. Height above ground including the pole: 80 cm. Weight:2,5 kg. Rain shelter: total height: 46 cm. Height above the ashtray: 22 cm. Width:20 cm. Material: Container: perforated sheet steel with a depth of 1.25 mm, zinc-plated, chromedand polyester powdercoated in black RAL 9005. Inner container: made of stainless steel sheet. Post and wall-hanging device: made of steel with a depth of 3 mm. Rain cover: made of stainless sheet steel with a depth of 3 mm. Lid: made from anodized aluminium with a depth of 1.5 mm. Base: made of cast concrete.

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 - Plate waste bin ZIGZAG | Waste bin - Nola Industrier Plate waste bin Flexible, functional and attractive litterbin with many combination possibilities. Container in perforated sheet steel 2mm. Lid in aluminium. The litterbin has aninner-ring for a plastic bag, the ashtray has an inner-container in stainless sheetsteel. Applications: bus-stands, city squares, entrances, hospitals, malls, outdoor cafées, parking,parks, school, service flats, streets, terraces, waiting rooms, yards. Variations: Open lid or closed lid, with an ashtray attached or wall mounted. With a free standing concrete base, with an attachable pole or ground mounted. Measurements: Container: Ø: 33 cm. Height including the lid: 54 cm. Total height for a litterb in including the pole: 81 cm. Volume: 42 lit. Weight for wall mount litterbin: 12 kg. Weight for the litterbin with an attachable pole 15 kg. Ashtray: Ø: 15 cm. Height: 24 cm. Weight: 2,5 kg. Weight concrete base: 23 kg. Material: Container: perforated 1mm sheet steel, zinc-plated, chromed and polyesterpowder-coated in black RAL 9005. Lid: 3 mm anodized aluminium. Poles andwall hanging device: in 3 mm steel.

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Steel ashtray ZIGZAG | Ashtray - Nola Industrier

Steel ashtray ZIGZAG | Ashtray - Nola Industrier
Steel ashtray ZIGZAG | Ashtray - Nola Industrier

Steel ashtray ZIGZAG | Ashtray - Nola Industrier
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