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Fixed polyurethane bollard

Manufacturer Nola Industrier

Bob is a soft bollard in cast polyeurethane scaled down to normal seat height so thatweary pedestrians can rest their feet. The bollard’s structure is light weight and hollow, making it easy to transport and install. Once its base has been attached to the surface beneath it, sandbags are dropped inside to weigh it to the ground. The bollard is en circled with a reflective UV strip that has been seamlessly joined to it souter shell. Applications: city squares, malls, outdoors, parking, playgrounds, public baths, school, shoppingmalls, streets, yards. Measurements: Diameter Ø: 32,5 cm. Height: 68 cm. Weight: 12 kg. Material: Made from polyurethane coloured greyish black NCS 8502-B with yellow reflective UV tape. Other colours are available upon request. The inner base plate is madefrom hot-dip galvanized steel.

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Fixed polyurethane bollard BOB - Nola Industrier

Fixed polyurethane bollard BOB - Nola Industrier
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