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Cast iron bollard

Manufacturer Nola Industrier

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Powerful bollard originally made for Berzelii park in Stockholm by the landscapearchitect Ulf Nordfjell.Applicationscity squares, outdoors, parking, parks, streets. Variations: Ground mount cast iron bollard or a dettachable bollard in sand-cast recycled aluminium, painted black. Measurements: Cast iron bollard, total height 97cm. Height above ground 85cm. The cast iron bollard has a base plate with 4 holes that shall be attached below ground to aprecast foundation. Base plate dimensions 20×30cm. Bollard top measure14×17cm. Base plate dimension 30×35cm. Base plate dimension dettachable bollard 50×55cm. Foundation below ground 30cm. Material:Ground mount cast iron bollard, painted black RAL 9005. Dettachable bollard incast aluminium, painted black. The dettachable bollard has an enclosed hot-dipgalvanized foundation that must be firmly attached into ground.

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Cast iron bollard GRODD - Nola Industrier

Cast iron bollard GRODD - Nola Industrier
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