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Heat recovery unit

Manufacturer AERMEC

The URX_CF series is the mono-bloc solution designed for the installation requirements typical for public spaces like bars, restaurants, offi ces, meeting rooms. The URX_CF units combine in one mono-bloc unit, besides the fan, fi lter, and heat recovery sections, a heat pump refrigerant circuit with scroll compressors of high output and low noise. The supply air is heated or cooled, based on the season, through the heat pump refrigerant circuit located within the unit and charged with refrigerant R410A. All this allows to have a complete unit, with the automatic operation in each season and capable of combining the required space ventilation requirements with effi cient heat recovery. The careful design of the machine combines very compact dimensions, which permit easy installation in false ceilings, with an excellent accessibility for maintaining all the internal components.

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Heat recovery unit URX CF - AERMEC

Heat recovery unit URX CF - AERMEC
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