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Heat recovery unit

Manufacturer AERMEC

The units from the URHE_CF series represent the high effi ciency solution to satisfy the temperature and humidity comfort and ventilation requirements in air conditioning systems that serve public spaces and the commercial sector, such as offi ces, bars, restaurants, etc. The URHE_CF units are particularly effi cient machines in that they use a high effi ciency cross fl ow plate heat exchanger of high capacity combined with a heat pump refrigerant circuit operating with refrigerant R410A. The use of a high capacity cross fl ow heat recovery unit permits a signifi cant reduction in the operating time of the refrigerant circuit throughout the year, thereby reducing to the minimum the electrical energy consumption. The small unit dimensions allow an easy installation even in false ceilings, allowing excellent accessibility for the maintenance of all the internal components. The numerous accessories available on request, for example the high effi ciency compact fi lters, the hot water coil or the silencers, complete the functions of the machine which is usually combined to an air conditioning system.

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Heat recovery unit URHE CF - AERMEC

Heat recovery unit URHE CF - AERMEC
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