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Electronic lock

Manufacturer Nuova Oxidal

State of the art quality and design are the distinctive features of Nuova Oxidal products, a dynamic company which over the years has won a leading position in the field of accessories for toughened glass and more. Its focus on market requirements and new architectural trends has contributed to the creation of new product ranges, successfully acknowledged by both Italian and foreign markets.   Customer satisfaction is also our own, and we consistently offer non just products but also a cooperation in planning, design and implementation of glass structures.   A long standing experience allows us to provide technical assistance on our products, on glass, on the processing and work required at the time of installation. And besides all of this, we also offer the best, made in Italy quality, timely deliveries, flexibility and versatility to the point of customized production.
Oxidal Various types of closing systems for entrance doors, internal doors, showers and furniture with relating accessories.

Electric lock with cable cover (secify length) (DX = destro - right / SX = sinistro - left).
- silver N-0270-A-DX/SX 
- bronzo N-0270-B-DX/SX
- cromato N-0270-C-DX/SX
- cromato satinato N-0270-I-DX/SX
- oro lucido N-0270-L-DX/SX
- nero N-0270-N-DX/SX 
- oro satinato N-0270-O-DX/SX
- verniciato N-0270-V-DX/SX


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 - Glass door lock OXIDAL 280A - Nuova Oxidal Glass door lock art. 280A - Small latch lock.
- silver N-280A-A-DX/SX
- bronzo N-280A-B-DX/SX
- cromato N-280A-C-DX/SX
- cromato satinato N-280A-I-DX/SX 
- oro lucido N-280A-L-DX/SX
- nero N-280A-N-DX
- oro satinato N-280A-O-DX/SX
- verniciato N-280A-V-DX/SX
 - Glass door lock OXIDAL 220 - Nuova Oxidal Glass door lock Purchase Information
Glass door lock with pin or deadbolt.
• Installation Wall - Glass, kit composed by no. 1 lock art. 220, no. 1180° strike plate 
• Installation Glass - Glass, kit composed by no. 1 lock art. 220, no. 1 Lock keeper (in the same finishing choosen)

Nuova Oxidal Catalogues

Electronic lock OXIDAL 270 - Nuova Oxidal

Electronic lock OXIDAL 270 - Nuova Oxidal
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