ABB ULTRA-1050.0

Inverter for photovoltaic system

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Terranuova Bracciolini, Italy
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Inverter for photovoltaic system

ABB’s ULTRA utility-scale inverters optimize energy harvesting across a wide array of operating conditions with their industry-leading power conversion efficiencies of up to 98.7% combined with their highspeed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channels. 
The largest solar power inverter in the ABB product range, the new ULTRA-1400.0 unit is designed with large utility-grade installations in mind. This large inverter system significantly reduces the wiring requirements and on-site testing thanks to the presence of separated and dedicated compartments for DC and AC.
Up to four independent MPPT input channels for maximum flexibility and energy harvesting
Up to four, independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) input channels offer maximum flexibility and energy harvesting. This liquid-cooled, high-powered inverter is the largest photovoltaic inverter available on the market. 
The compact chassis gives maximum power for the minimum footprint and the outdoor enclosure enables unrestricted use under any environmental conditions.

− Maximum DC input voltage up to 1000 V (optional 1100V), high design flexibility and reduced DC distribution losses for large-scale PV plants
− Reduced susceptibility to a single fault; in case of a component failure, a maximum of 350kW will be lost
− Integrated DC and AC distribution and protection; fully equipped for connection, additional accessories not required
− Direct transformerless conversion to the 690 Vac output reduces AC distribution cost
− Extended MPPT input voltage range
Additional highlights
− Passive liquid cooling with total segregation of internal compartments assuring a 5-year maintenance cycle 
− Easy installation and maintenance procedure; front extractible DC/AC converters and accessibility to all critical parts
− Two independent RS-485 communication interfaces for inverter and intelligent string combiner monitoring
− Compliance to BDEW, FERC 661 and other relevant grid standards allows installation in most of the countries worldwide

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