Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

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Terranuova Bracciolini, Italy
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Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

PVI-RS485-MODBUS is the ABB devices family able to convert the proprietary Aurora Protocol to ModBus RTU or ModBus TCP communication protocol.
The PVI-RS485-MODBUS enables ABB inverters to exchange data with third party devices such as controller as well as data logger supporting ModBus (RTU or TCP) communication protocol.
The PVI-RS485-MODBUS is a DIN rail mounted device and can be configured and upgrated locally by simply using a PC (connected to the RS485 port through ABB PVI-USB-RS232-485 Adapter) running a common testing application able to operate as a ModBus master for accessing data in the PVI-RS485-MODBUS connected as slave device.
The PVI-RS485-MODBUS is capable to manage up to 32 ABB string inverters or 32 ABB 55kW inverter modules and, according to the specific product model, it allows customer to manage inverter power control in range of Smart Grid functionalities.
− Converters from ABB proprietary Aurora Protocol to MODBUS RTU
− PVI-RS485-MODBUS-STRING (for ABB string inverters)
− PVI-RS485-MODBUS-CENTRAL (for ABB central inverters)
− Converters from ABB proprietary Aurora Protocol to MODBUS TCP
− PVI-RS485-MODBUS-TCPSTRING (for ABB string inverters)
− PVI-RS485-MODBUS-TCPCENTRAL- xx (for ABB central inverters)
− Up to 32 inverters or 55kW modules manageable
− Multi-drop bus connection allowed for RTU
− 50 Hz transformer and cables are provided
− Active-reactive power control allowed by some Modbus RTU models

Further info from manufacturer on PVI RS485-MODBUS

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