Height-adjustable workstation desk

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Height-adjustable workstation desk




This is not just a passing fashion or an aesthetic whim, there have been numerous studies which demonstrates that working standing up for some hours during the working day, doesn´t only have a positive effect on our health but it also improves our concentration and productivity capacity. One of Actiu’s objectives is to form part of the change that is occurring globally in the way of understanding work and its environment. 
As Javier Cuñado explained, designer of Mobility for Actiu, “Mobility offers a wide range of levels and models, which can be combined together, so that the configurative possibilities are enormous. 
Single, double, longitudinal concatenated growth desks, which share many common elements such as electrification channels, partition panels etc. From individual work to collective, they have a detailed interpretation according to expectations imaginary use.” Javier Cuñado described the product to us as “a system of three dimensional office furniture, where the configurative concept gives the answer to a grand spectrum of models and work environments. But in addition, the solutions for the height adjustment complement with a third level the versatility of uses.” 

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