Mold-resistant wall panel

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Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy
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Mold-resistant wall panel

Damp walls, salt efflorescence, flaking plaster and musty odour are the most frequent type of damage in basements.
Moisture seeping through the walls carries with it various saline substances that accumulate in the pores of the plaster; due to their highly hygroscopic properties, when these salts crystallise, they increase in volume, causing the plaster to crumble and peel off.
Damp walls are also an ideal environment for moulds to grow, which in addition to being aesthetically unappealing, can cause health problems.

After years of practical research in the field of building construction, we have developed the AERO-dry Sanierputzsystem®.
The greatest advantage of Aero-dry® (first true restoration system for basements) is that it provides total separation between the damp masonry full of salts and the new plaster. Thanks to the air present in the gap created by its special structure, the Aero-dry® mat also helps to improve the thermal efficiency of the premises.
This separation makes it possible to employ a (natural) lime mortar that allows the wall to “breathe”, ensuring an unparalleled improvement of the living climate of the basement.

Consistent result over time
Absolute separation between the damp wall and the new plaster
Added thermal insulation
Improvement of the living climate of the basement

Further info from manufacturer on AERO-DRY SANIERPUTZSYSTEM®
Further details
- Apply the adhesive mortar with a notched trowel (1 cm) and lay the panels on it
- Drill the holes and fasten with 5 plugs (1 for each panel)
- Apply the sheath on the panels
- Apply the first top coat by hand, making sure that the mixture does not come into contact with the wall
- Plaster using the plaster mesh
- Apply the finish as required
- Use lime-based mortars and paints only

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