Pre-mixed screed

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Pontedera, Italy
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Pre-mixed screed

The product performs two basic functions: Thermic insulation and acoustic insulation.
MASSETTO TERMICO, is a mix composed with cork and natural aggregates with high Thermic potential. MASSETTO TERMICO is ready to mix adding some water and cement.

MASSETTO TERMICO  is applied on the pavement before flooring, it works as a thermo-acustic barrier. It reducing the noise between a floor and another.
Another very important characteristic of MASSETTO TERMICO, is it’s very low specific gravity, that allows to renovate old buildings without over-loading the structure. 
Being a thixotropic product, it’s ideal for  thermic insolation for porches with underlying apartments/homes . The thixotropic characteristics ofMASSETTO TERMICO, ease application on desired slops/inclinations.

Sectors of use:Under tile to form thermic-insulating slabs
For insulating terraces or homes below
For breaking down noise due to falling or footfall sounds between a floor and another
On the ground floor below the pavement as an alternative to the common slab
It can be used as a filler for subsequent pasting of the parquet, or other covering options.

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