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ALKIKEA | Shelving unit

Modular wooden shelving unit

  • Design by Iratzoki Lizaso
  • Collection Kea

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Itsasu, France
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KEA | Shelving unit
Modular wooden shelving unit
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Although the main role in this new collection is played by wood, the brand’s preferred material, it now shares centre stage alongside wrought iron.
Faithful to this approach of reinterpreting what already is, Iratzoki & Lizaso have drawn inspiration not only from Alki’s past but also from the history of industry in the Basque Country.
So Kea is a collection that has developed from the tale of two realities.
On the one hand, the brand’s own expertise, which already combines wood and wrought iron in its products.
On the other, the desire to work with an ironwork smithy located in Navarre that carries on this tradition of working with iron and steel.
Another ingredient was the necessity of putting forward a design that, without any dramatic departure, was in line with what preceded it.
Inspired by these encounters with the Navarre blacksmiths, the designers came up with this family comprising a table, shelves, coat stand and a bench, put together in an understated and practical style in oak and wrought iron.
The convivial items that make up the Kea Collection emerged from traditional values of unity between the know-how of yesteryear and today.

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