Monoblock window

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  • Collection PRESYSTEM
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SCHIO, Italy
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Monoblock window

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INGENIUS VMC is an innovative solution which integrates forced ventilation in the window closing system. It is highly efficient in terms of energy, maximises thermal and acoustic performance and guarantees a continuous air turnover.

Thus the window closing system becomes smart, as it changes the air and increases comfort, well-being and indoor air quality. Moreover, the value of the building is increased thanks to better energy performance.

Alpac INGENIUS VMC integrated window system fits every architectural style and guarantees top aesthetic performance thanks to almost invisible application. Moreover, this decentralized system avoids channeling and cumbersome centralized systems.

Alpac’s integrated forced ventilation system improves indoor ventilation, for a constant and automathic air change. The enthalpyc double cross flow heat exchanger allows complete recovery of thermal energy, with maximum ease of maintenance.

Ingenius VMC comes from the company’s continual research and innovation: for 30 years, Alpac has been a synonym for high performance integrated windows systems.

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A new, smart integrated window system

Alpac introduces a new line of smart window systems, designed to improve comfort and functionality at home. The window closing system now has an innovative technology suitable for any architectural style.

INGENIUS VMC advantages:

Health and comfort at home: mechanical ventilation allows a continuous and automatic air refreshment and the filters against dust, pollen and pollutants improve the quality of incoming air;

Superior aesthetic performance: INGENIUS VMC Alpac provides discrete, elegant, almost invisible applications that can be customized;

Energy saving: mechanical ventilation eliminates heat loss that occurs when opening windows. Alpac VMC is equipped with enthalpyc heat exchanger with double cross-flow, a highly efficient system with maximum heat recovery;

Versatility: INGENIUS VMC is tailor made for every specific project;

Ease of installation: Alpac integrated window system with VMC is easy and quick to fit, as it gives in only one solution both the window closing and the ventilation;

Easy maintenance: the decentralized system does not required drains or bulky centralized systems, thus avoiding building work and greatly reducing maintenance;

Ideal for renovation and energy retrofit: INGENIUS VMC is ideal for restructuring and non-invasive energy retrofit;

Technical and design assistance: Alpac offers complete assistance for the development of bespoke models to meet the specific needs of the building site;

Maximum performance: four-speed air flow, extremely low power consumption, automatic protection against freezing with immediate shutdown in case of extremely low temperatures, temperature and CO2 sensors.

PRESYSTEM Collection by Alpac
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