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Calolziocorte, Italy
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Aluminium decorative object



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altreforme presents A Moveable Feast, Paris in the Twenties collection, marvellous collection of accessories and pieces of furniture designed by Elena Cutolo, dedicated to the city of Paris, where the designer has lived intensely for over four years and where she has found, from the bouquinistes at the quays of the Seine, Paris est une fête, the French edition of A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, diary of the novelist’s age in Paris, but most of all evidence of a unique artistic and cultural existence

Dice Tyche is a lucky charm, a favourable accessory taking name from Tyche, the goddess of fortune in Greek mythology, declined into three versions: animali, italia and mondo. Every dice shows six propitious amulets: one on each face according to the main theme.
Material: aluminium
Size: 8 x 8 x 8 cm
Upon request customizations are possible with other colours ex RAL range.

Each side of the dice represents a good luck symbol typical of Italian culture.
coccinella the ladybug brings good luck and money to those whom it flies on.

corna – the hand reproducing horns takes misfortune away.

corno – the horn, especially in Naples, is touched and kissed to get protection and keep misfortune away.

cornucopia – the cornucopia brings richness and fertility, and is always represented full of fruits.

quadrifoglio – the so rare four-leaf clover is said to bring hope, faith, love and good luck to those who find it.

scopa di saggina – the broom behind the front door wipes troubles and bad luck away.

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festa mobile, parigi anni venti Collection by altreforme
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