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Outdoor bioethanol fireplace

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Orvieto, Italy
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Outdoor bioethanol fireplace



Designed and produced in Italy, Altro Fuoco free standing bio fireplaces can be placed in every environment of your home, without flue and without the need of gas lines, undergoing constructions, electric connection, the’re fully portable. Altrofuoco free standing bio fireplaces run on burning bio ethanol fuel and they don’t produce smell or smoke, don’t leave ashes or soots and don’t need the assistance a wood fire require. Working without wood, they’re easy to clean and don’t need extractor fan system: you can bring the magic of fire in any room of your home in whole safety and respect for the nature. Made in Italy according to European reference, Altro Fuoco free standing bio fireplaces represent an elegant solution to warm up your home, in eco friendly way. 

MOSQUITO - Funny garden cubic: it is a beautiful garden torch by night and a design object by day. It is equipped with a tray to put inside pyrethrum tablets or mosquito repellent liquid, such as lemongrass.

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cm L 30,5 x P 30,5 x H 40

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