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Outdoor bioethanol fireplace

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Altro Fuoco

Orvieto, Italy
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Outdoor bioethanol fireplace


Painted metal

Lanterns don’t produce smell or smoke and run on environmentally friendly way, burning bio ethanol fuel. Working without wood, outdoor bio fireplaces are easy to clean, as they don’t leave ashes or soots, and don’t need the assistance a wood fire require. Made from toughened glass and weather resistant materials, garden fires garantee a unique ambience for gardens, patios, pool decks, courtyards, terraces, etc, in whole safety and respect for the nature. You can transform your exteriors creating a suggestive common space in the simplest way possible: outdoor bio fireplaces and bioethanol lanterns are fully portable and can be moved any time you want or left in a permanent location. An entire collection of bioethanol lanterns, garden fires and fireplaces created to improve your outdoors with the beauty and charm of fire, taking care of the environment.

TORCIA - Garden torch in painted metal. Perfect to create a pleasent atmosphere in the garden, or on walks, or around a swimming pool. Available in three different heights.

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Ø cm 24 x H 35 (0301) H 60 (0302) H 90 (0303)

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