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Ampere Energy systems are designed to stimulate self-consumption, which are undoubtedly the tool of the future for a more sustainable and responsible planet. By combining our equipment with a photovoltaic system, the entire PV production can be stored and consumed. Thus, the energy stored and used is completely clean and renewable. This power management benefits both users and the environment. In the case of low photovoltaic production, the equipment connects to the grid in “smart energy purchase” mode, when 70% of the energy production is wind. Once again, our equipment is the most sustainable option.
Ampere Sphere has all the elements necessary to operate autonomously. This equipment contains lithium batteries, a bidirectional inverter, a power meter and a control unit with its intelligent operating system (AMPi). The equipment has a storage capacity of 6kWh which permits a large coverage of the energy consumption of a small apartment. It is designed to work with “smart energy purchase” mode, while adapting to each user, according to their consumption habits. It’s perfect for users who seek the latest in energy technology with an innovative design. Ampere Sphere is Plug & Play, which can be placed anywhere in the house, including in the living room.
Thanks to its predictive system, it can precisely control all the energy and implement customized recommendations so your consumption can be as efficient as possible. AMPi, by means of an APP, monitors all the energy the household consumes, generates, stores and uses throughout the day. All of the information is stored in the user’s profile, along with the consumer’s habits, weather forecast and grid demand; enable AMPi to achieve the maximum energy efficiency.

Protection class: IP 44
Ambient temperature range: 0 °C to + 40 °C
Optimum temperature range: +15 to +30 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing) Protection class: 10 – 90 % (non condensing)
Weight: 65 kg

Our equipment AMPERE SPHERE includes:
- Battery 3 kWh
- AC Inverter. Power 3kW
- Intelligent power manager: AMPi.
- WiFi connection to maintain information up to date.
- Constant AMPi software updates.
- Join AMPERE Community and enjoy it´s services.
- Product warranty 5 years.

Further info from manufacturer on AMPERE SPHERE
Ø 670 mm

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