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15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15




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Puçol, Spain
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Ampere Tower  has a capacity of between 9 and 12 kWh, designed for homes with higher energy expenditure. When combined with photovoltaic production, the installation is able to come close to achieving energy independence. It is the perfect equipment for isolated homes and small businesses with a high level of consumption as several units can be installed in parallel to achieve the required capacity.

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Ampere Energy is not only a product; it’s an integrated service. From our systems department, we offer guidance and advice, as well as the necessary resources in order for the user to fully enjoy the equipment. From the beginning, the company offers personalized advice by recommending the equipment and capacity to each user in order to assure a more efficient consumption. Subsequently, Ampere Energy is responsible for recommending the closest installer, depending on the area where the user is located. The installation is done in just a few hours and on the same day, it will be connected and ready to work.

In order to implement “smart energy purchase”, the user must have the hourly discrimination rate. The process of changing the rate is very simple and effective because it allows a more efficient and sustainable consumption, even if the weather does not permit it. Once the equipment is installed, each user forms part of Ampere Community and has the option of allowing a permanent monitoring of the system, to ensure optimum performance. In the event that any problems are given, Ampere Energy will contact directly with the customer to keep them informed.
1700 x 700 x 300 mm

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