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Integrated Accessory Wall

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Antonio Lupi Design

Cerreto Guidi, Italy
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Integrated Accessory Wall


Stainless Steel

Disappear and appear only when necessary. Integrated in the wall to contain a space. The magic word is not important, just open them with a simple touch .
It redefines the archetype of the accessories in the bathroom, radically changing the perception and imagining these elements as part of a wider integrated project. The collection of accessories Sesamo takes shape from the desire to eliminate everything that is aesthetically superfluous to enhance the functionality of these elements.
The name of the collection best expresses its nature to understand a series of hidden accessories which appear only when needed. Each element is formed by a body to be mounted in the wall and completely covered by a front with the same material, finish and color of the wall itself.
Accessories normally find their place after completion of the bathroom and often affect the desired aesthetic result.
Sesamo allows to maintain the aesthetic dimension of the bathroom often disturbed by the presence of overpowering accessories that can be decontextualized or incoherent. The system allows for hidden niches for toilet brushes, single or double cup holders, clothes hooks, waste baskets and medicine cabinets. The items are made from stainless steel with the possibility of being covered in the same material of the wall without any limit.

Sesamo is an innovative collection that dramatically goes beyond the concept of bathroom accessories, making them invisible yet available only when necessary. The niches are made of stainless steel and can be coated with the same wall material. No limits to the type of finish, maximum hygiene and functionality. The minimalism reaches its maximum, the accessories disappear and become visible only when you need them. Aware of introducing a minor revolution which may cater mainly to designers, Sesamo certainly doesn’t want to replace bathroom accessories. antoniolupi continues "classical" research joined constantly by new items and new lines to those already in the collection, always characterized by pure shapes, innovative materials and functionality. This collection simply represents a new approach to "designed" bathroom environments, where no visual disturbance is granted, and the eye can focus on architecture, bath, sinks. Minimum presence hidden in the walls, covered with the same material, hygiene and cleanliness, all at your fingertips. Brush, soap, toothbrush, towel hooks, toothpaste, waste basket, toilet paper, various objects in sight... only when needed. A wall equipped with Sesamo can be customized with whatever you want and contains any element considered functional in the bathroom.

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