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Co-polyester lightweight sheet for external

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VIVAK® Sheets


Co-polyester lightweight sheet for external

Vivak® sheets are particularly lightweight and show extreme break resistance and impact strength even at low temperatures. Moreover, they are highly transparent, as well as being easy to print and showing excellent suitability for food-contact applications. With their ease of fabrication even at low temperatures, they ensure low energy consumption and high productivity. 

The main benefits of Vivak® sheets are:
Excellent thermoforming properties
Break resistance and impact strength at low temperatures
Ease of printing

Further details

Vivak® UV sheets are particularly weather-resistant and ideal for exterior applications.
Their special bonus in addition to these properties is their 10-year warranty of impact strength, clarity and light transmission.

Available sizes:
Vivak® UV is available in thicknesses of 2 – 6 mm and in the following sizes; other sizes, colors and sheet thicknesses on request.
Colors: Vivak® UV clear 2099 - Vivak® UV white 2130
Sizes (Standard): 3,050 x 2,050 mm - 3,050 x 2,050 mm

Is a innovative material that does what others cannot do: it combines contrasting properties. On the one hand, it is a lightweight and lively, on the other solid and striking.  Just take a look at the texture: with its two fascinating fine matte surfaces.

Vivak® Design sheets are:
Extremely easy to form. Their thermoforming properties make for energy savings and short production times
Highly resistant to breakage due to their high impact strength. They can be easily machined with conventional tools
Available in transparent matte and white matte grades
On request also available in a UV-protected version

The Vivak® Design sheets can be used:
Interior design: partitions, furniture, lighting elements, etc.
Displays: hotels, stores, industry, offices, etc.
Exhibition booths: walls, ceilings, floors, counters, pillars, etc.
Store fixtures: modular concepts and individual solutions.

Available sizes:
Vivak® Design is available in thicknesses from 2 to 5 mm and in the following colours and formats.
Colors: Vivak® Design clear 099 - Vivak® Design white 145
Size (Standard): 2,050 x 1,250 mm
Other sizes, colours and sheet thicknesses available on request.


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