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Composite panel in aluminum for continuous facades

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Composite panel in aluminum for continuous facades

Etalbond® is a composite panel in aluminum for architectural and building applications. It’s a tried and tested high-tech product which, thanks to its unique properties, is a valuable tool for creative architectural design. Abandoned or aesthetically outdated buildings have been radically transformed after being rejuvenated through Etalbond® cladding. This has been possible thanks to closely wrap upon the most intricate of building faces. Apart from flat surfaces, the most irregular shapes, including circular, slanted or even polygonal faces can be covered with Etalbond®. Combined with glass panels of casings, as well as other cladding materials, it can result in original sculpted faces. Etalbond® may follow the outline of a building’s surface, no matter how intricate that may be. Composite panels can be used in a wide range of applications, in addition to building surface cladding, such as: renovation projects, malls, banks, sports venues, trade fair facilities, industrial buildings, public transport terminals, toll stations, gas stations, tunnels.

Further details
The Etalbond® range

The main products in the Etalbond® range are the following:
Architectural aluminum systems in standard lines as well as custom designs adapted to modern requirements. Etalbond® profiles were used in numerous projects for the 2004 Athens Olympics, including, among the others, the Olympic Village and the Olympic Stadium in Calatrava.

Industrial aluminum profiles
, including special-alloy solid beams produced in cylinder, hexagon, rectangle, flat and square shapes, as well as custom – designed profiles for shipbuilding and automotive applications. Among others, Etalbond® is the official supplier of BMW group for the new 3-series models as well as AUDI for its brand-new TT sports coupé.

Composite aluminum panels can be used in various architectural applications
such as: construction material for building facades, sign construction, etc. Etalbond® is currently exported to more than 40 countries in 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Composition of the panel
1   protective plastic film
2   PVDF coating
3   aluminum
4   adhesive layer
5   PE core
6   primer
Properties and advantages
A key factor to selecting Etalbond® as a cladding material is its effortless processing. Its use is essential, as time has direct impact on the operational cost of the structure.

Etalbond® is available in eight shades of gray, from the most brilliant and light gray to the darkest one. However, the other choices are also available, such as shades of blue, red, green, etc. In addition to standard production colors, Etalbond® may also produce custom-built products, delivering panels in a special shade desired by the client.

Etalbond® clad faces provide a highly stable appearance due to high paint coating quality. They eliminate the absorption of dust and exhaust fume particles, so they can be easily washed by rain or removed simply by applying a mild detergent. Moreover, its strength, combined with other advantages, makes this material very popular in projects exposed to highly polluting environments (motorways, industrial parks, etc).

Another advantage of Etalbond® is its behavior under fire. This material has been classified as fire retardant in France, Italy, England and Czech Republic. Furthermore, Germany, where regulations are particularly stringent, has classified the product as B1 Class, a particularly high rating. This is due to the fact that aluminum sheets protect polyethylene in case of fire. Moreover, the core is made of low density polyethylene, thus being non-toxic.

Whether the project is situated in a town center, with high smog exposure, or close to coastal areas, where the rain and the atmosphere in general are rich in salts, the surface of the material is subject to the risk of rapid fading or oxidation if the paint is inappropriate. In each case, 3-layer PVDF wet painting is recommended, prepared pursuant to the Etalbond® (American Association of Manufactures) standards, affording a minimum 15-year warranty even under the most severe conditions. Paint coating tests meets the ECCA testing requirements and the entire production process is certified according to ISO 9001.
Apagroup is a distributor in Italy.

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