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Wood and Polyethylene decking

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Wood and Polyethylene decking

Neodeck®, produced by Neofibra nv is distributed in Italy by Apagroup, is manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of wood and plastics and therefore has unique properties.
Thanks to this combination of wood and plastics a high moisture resistance can be guaranteed and consequently a long life can be expected, in contrast to traditional types of wood.
Because of these unique properties, Neodeck® does not rot, splinter or split.

Further details
Technical characteristics of Neodeck®

Neodeck® is manufactured from a mixture of soft wood and plastics. Consequently de-forestation of tropical woods is no longer required. In addition the kinds of wood used to produce Neodeck® are won from recycled material.
During the Neodeck® production process there is no use of harmful elements. The product is also completely recyclable. Besides that there are no environmental damaging products required to maintain your Neodeck®.

In addition Neodeck® requires very little maintenance. Painting, oiling or another treatment of the surface becomes redundant, so there is more time to enjoy!
Thanks to the high water and moisture resistance and the maintaining of the colour after initial weathering, a surface treatment is redundant. Because of that Neodeck® keeps its look and properties for years.
An annual maintenance with a pressure washer is recommended to keep your Neodeck® in best condition.

With the clip system can be fixed quickly and invisibly.
Neodeck® boards can be installed easily with standard tools used for wood working.
While installing problems such as splitting, splintering or flaking off, do not arise, in comparison to traditional types of wood.
There are also finishing profiles in all colours available in order to close the cavities of your deck.

Due to its unique properties, Neodeck® can be qualified as a very safe product:
- Neodeck® has an high slip resistance, also under wet conditions
- There is no question of splintering or splitting and no protruding screws on the surface (invisible fixation)
- No chemical products required for surface treatment

They are also available Neodeck ® joists to support your terrace Neodeck ®.
These beams are not structural elements, but are screwed to the subsoil (a layer of concrete of at least 10 cm). For all other cases (ex bitumen, floating, elevated applications, etc..) it’s recommended a self-supporting framework, for example our profile in aluminum or hardwood cat. 1, on which are fixed directly to the Neodeck ® boards with the invisible clips.

The Neodeck® decking boards are available in 6 different colours:
- Caviar black
- Dark brown
- Tobacco brown
- Sahara brown
- Canyon red
- Stone grey
In contradiction to traditional kinds of wood, Neodeck® does not become grey. In process of time every colour will fade slightly, till the colour has reached a natural look. Afterwards Neodeck® maintains its colour.
Applications and advantages

The Neodeck® boards can be used for plenty of private, commercial, industrial and maritime applications.
It is the ideal option for applications that require high resistance to water and moisture (sweet, salt, chlorine) and where little maintenance is decisive.
Also for applications that require safety, like public areas, Neodeck® is the recommended product.

The Neodeck® boards can be used:
- Terraces
- Urban
- Edge pools
- Runners / walkways to gardens
- Marine Industry
- Furnishings Gardens / Terraces / Gazebo
- Saunas / Showers
- Water Jetties / Docks
- Bathing establishments

- Limited maintenance, painting of oiling are redundant
- Keeps its look and properties for many years
- Does not rot, high water and moisture resistance
- Does not wear off, durable and long lifecycle
- Invisible fixation (Neodeck® clip system)
- High level of slip resistance (wet or dry)
- Looks like wood, feels like wood
- Large range of colours available
- Simple and quick installation
- Does not attract insects
- Does not splinter, split or flake off
- Ecological, environmentally friendly tools and recyclable
- Can be treated with traditional tools used for wood working
- Contains no harmful elements
- Timeless, exclusive and affordable designs
- Light but nevertheless strong


Apagroup is a official distributor in Italy.

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