Arredo Creativo MAYA | Extending console table

Extending rectangular wooden table

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MAYA | Extending console table


Extending rectangular wooden table



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Maya - Console tables are a particular type of extendable table characterized by the fact that they can be very small when closed, literally disappear, and at the same time if they are well designed, they can reach a considerable opening, often higher than a normal extendable table.

Further details
Strength points:
- Stability and comfort:
It is not very simple to stabilize a big extendable console table; apparently all products look the same whereas there are important differences in the strength and stability of tables. The extendable console table, unlike normal tables, absolutely need a sturdy internal structures and many legs on floor to ensure necessary stability also at maximum length. MAYA console tables have eight support legs, thick guides on steel ball-bearing, solid wood\iron legs; all these features provide a unique sensation of stability and sturdiness.
MAYA tables are at top of their sector thanks to the exclusive patented 'Space- Saving' system; eight support legs when opened, four of these rotating and retractable. All guests sitting around MAYA table are free of obstacle for their legs and everybody feel good!
- Functionality:
How to arrange many extension panels in an easy way? In a console table they usually are positioned outside table, in a bag or similar, too uncomfortable for many.
Arredo Creativo has patented a functional and elegant system to keep all extension panels inside table in a specific designed cabinet. ZEN and SMART panel holders have special wheels and are perfectly integrated within the closed table (console mode), but they could also be used separately from the table, as free cabinet (TV or Hi-Fi holder etc.). ZEN and SMART presence clearly differentiate MAYA tables fromall other ones in the market.
- Uncommon size:
MAYA COMPACT table has a depth of only 38 cm and could reach a length of 290 cm, more than seven times its starting lenght. A table for 12 peoples taking up very little space and with all extension panels inside (with SMART optional). MAYA STANDARD table with its maximum length of 345 cm and 110 cm width is an outstanding table for 16 peoples with no compromise for comfort.
- Flexibility of use:
A table for every purpose and easy to manage; MAYA table, thanks to its compactness and lightness can be moved everywhere when needed: in the kitchen, in the living room and outside house in veranda, garden or near a pool. It can also be used as a desk or peninsula even without remove the integrated panels holder. A single person, without effort, would be able to open and close the table, without needing help. It leave a lot of free space in your house and with its fine design it also decorate the room. Whatever the size of your house, small or big, MAYA table can play the right role. If you plan to move or want to change furnishings, MAYA console table will always find a correct place in your home.
- Uncompromising quality:
For its valuable real wood finish, extreme care for details, expert craftsmanship, custom finishings;100% made in Italy.
MAYA 110 XL:
Closed: 110cm x 75cm x 50cm
Open: max 110cm x 75cm x 345cm

MAYA 95 XL: 95x38\290, h75 cm
MAYA 95: 95x38\240, h75 cm

Dimensions MAYA | Extending console table
Dimensions MAYA | Extending console table
Dimensions MAYA | Extending console table

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