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ArtemideSELENA MEDIUM | Wall lamp

LED wall light

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Milan, Italy
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LED wall light

‘‘For physiologists, the concept of “ habitus “ is quite prégnant . Man has the capacity to adapt to on - adapt , get used ... Provided the “ force of habit “ does not mean it feels good in an unsuitable place . The work we do in the hospital for many years aimed at adapting the premises to man and not vice versa. The quality of the natural and artificial light is an essential component of the “well-being” and particularly in health care settings. Our research with ARTEMIDE aims, through an innovative light concept , improve and facilitate the conditions of life and work in public buildings. This concept is based on the combination of a program consisting of directional lighting and atmosphere and indirect program developed by ARTEMIDE “ My White Light “ on the temperature variation of light, allowing it to evolve towards a LED technology in a for durability and evolution. Morphology declined in range is simple, functional, but also magical and poetic. An innovative, appropriate technology and rich, contained in a delicate shell, soft and clear.’’ Jérôme Brunet

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375x500 mm; 267x1000 mm
Selena Medium 267x1000mm
Selena Medium 375x500mm

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