Artifort BIG ISLAND | 3 seater sofa

3 seater fabric sofa

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Schijndel, Netherlands
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BIG ISLAND | 3 seater sofa


3 seater fabric sofa



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Everyone has had the experience of living without a sofa for some period of time. This feeling inspired our Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll to come up with a new modular sofa
program for Artifort: Big Island.
Anderssen & Voll: ‘To most of us this experience meant our homes were lacking the proper possibilities for retreating. Big Island is just the opposite: it is a place to sit down, to settle
your thoughts and to relax in your own home. We like the associative links between the sofa’s functions and the hideaway feeling you get on a real island. That is how we came up
with the name. We see this grand, modular sofa as the ultimate hub of your home.’
Next to its iconic shape, Big Island is very much about tailoring. Anderssen & Voll: ‘We are dressing the modules of this couch in a way that enhances the shapes. The fabric communicates the properties of the different parts: the softness of the duvet that meets your body in contrast to the firmness of the supporting structure.’

The upholstery of Big Island is made up of three layers: the baseboard, the body and the top layer. The layers are connected to each other with a special stitching. The top layer (the seat
and the back) is like a plaid covering the sofa.

Big Island 3-seater
Corpus Modal 181, duvet Hemsedal 780
Cushion 1 Febrik Gentle, Passion
Cushion 2 Febrik Gentle, Prune

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