Aster Cucine NOBLESSE | Solid wood kitchen

Solid wood kitchen

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Aster Cucine

Villa Fastiggi, Italy
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NOBLESSE | Solid wood kitchen


Solid wood kitchen


Solid Wood, Chestnut

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NOBLESSE - A contemporary look, for tactile memories. the Noblesse collection is not tied to any one particular historical period, it is neither all-modern nor all-classical. noblesse neither rebels nor fawns. this collection is born out of a conscious decision to give body to strong contemporary feelings with a truly aesthetic look that making memory tangible, tactile. as if to create a form of osmosis running between the psyche and the materials used for furnishing so as to make the home a place of life and love. the conscience of being, noblesse.

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Noblesse Collection by Aster Cucine
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