ASTREL GROUP 4-noks Energy Meter 3~ RC

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

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4-noks Energy Meter 3~ RC


Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

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nergy Meter 3~ RC is a wireless power metering device for Elios4you [Pro] Smart systems. The device can have a dual function: as a replacement for one of the measurement transformers (CT) installed with Elios4you, or for monitoring energy drawn by a consumer (e.g. heat pump).
Where the Energy Meter RC is used for remote management of a CT in the Elios4you system, the information will be the same as acquired with a wired CT. Conversely, if the device is used for monitoring a consumer via the “Elios4you” App, it will be possible to view all the data indicating energy exchanged with the consumer (in the case of a storage system, both energy stored and energy drawn) on a dedicated page.

Main features
Wireless energy meter
Simple and swift installation
Guided configuration by way of “Elios4you” App
ZigBee technology
Precise voltage and current measurement
Transmission of energy and exchanged power data
Viewing of data by way of “Elios4you” App

Compatible with

Elios4you [Pro] Smart

Further info from manufacturer on 4-noks Energy Meter 3~ RC
contenitore da guida DIN 4 moduli 71 x 100 x 60 mm
4 modules: 71 x 100 x 60 mm

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