ASTREL GROUP 4-noks Red Cap

Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

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4-noks Red Cap


Monitoring system for photovoltaic system

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Elios4you [Pro] Smart
An innovative way to optimize the SELF-CONSUMPTION and monitor the residential/commercial three-phase photovoltaic installations on mobile devices via smart App anytime, anywhere
It measures:
- energy generated by the plant
- energy bought and sold to the grid
- household consumption (calculation of the Energy consumed by the customer)
- available self-generated power
- Self-Consumption optimisation: simple intuitive and engaging graphical interface - colour indicators to encourage use of surplus energy
- For three phase plants up to 50 kW 
- Wi-Fi technology
- Universal: it can be used with all the photovoltaic installations, independently from any inverter and any meter installed
- Easy to use and install: retro-fitted without any tampering
- Trasmission of the measurement/calculations to Tablet/Smartphone/Pc/4-CLOUD through Wireless technology each 5 seconds
- Data storage of last 60 days with new updates each 15 minutes on Elios4you device
It can report possible service anomalies: 
- inverter connected by clean contact (if available)
- thermal magnetic circuit breaker or differential circuit breaker by auxiliary contact
- loss performance after 4 hours during peak hours (e.g. from 10.00 to 14.00) 
Available in the versions with tablet and without tablet.

Red Cap is an accessory that converts Elios4you into Elios4you Smart. Self-consumption provided by a single-phase PV system can be increased by controlling wireless accessories automatically so as to exploit surplus energy. There is also the option of connecting a wireless energy meter (RC).

Compatibility check

IMPORTANT! Run the check procedure directly from the “Elios4you” App as shown below to verify the compatibility of your ownElios4you device with the Red Cap smart self-consumption accessory.
Is Red Cap compatible? Yes → You can use Smart Plugs with RedCap functionality.

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