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Smart domestic heating via Wi-Fi thermostat and App

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Rialto Thermo Kit


Smart domestic heating via Wi-Fi thermostat and App

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Rialto is the new smart home system for energy saving, allowing the user to control the domestic heating and the functioning of household appliances and electrical loads using the “Rialto” App, both at home and out of home.
Rialto product’s range includes two basic Kits: Thermo Kit for domestic heating and Energy Kit for household appliances, easily expandable with wireless thermostats and additional Smart Plugs (up to 32 devices!).
The domestic heating and electrical loads schedules can be managed using just one single and intuitive App, always at your fingertips.
Thanks to the remote control, the “Rialto” App allows the user to change the setting of the chronothermostat or the electrical loads anytime, anywhere.
Furthermore, the geolocation function manages the switching on/off of the heating system and the electrical loads depending on your position, thus improving energy efficiency and cutting down energy bills.

Rialto Thermo Kit includes a wireless digital thermostat, a gateway to be connected to the ADSL router, and a free App for the management of your chronothermostat and your domestic heating via iOS or Android smartphone / tablet.
Rialto manages the thermostat both remotely and at home, and it adjusts the temperature of many independent zones (up to 12), even on different floors.
How it works Rialto replaces the wall-mounted thermostats and chronothermostats. It uses the existing connection of your old thermostat, thus being suitable for both traditional heating with radiators and underfloor heating systems.
The Rialto WhiteBox gateway, which is at the core of the system, is connected to the ADSL router with an Ethernet cable. The pairing procedure between the Rialto WhiteBox and the wireless Rialto Thermostats takes only a few steps by following the configuration wizard on the “Rialto” App. Once completed, you can easily configure and schedule all the Thermostats according to your specific needs.

Main functions:
Easy to install, configure and set
- Independent from the heating system (gas, biomass, solar)
- Compatible with traditional systems with radiators and underfloor heating systems
- Managing up to 12 independent thermostats in a multi-zone house, even on many floors
- Minimum requirements for the Rialto App: Android 4.1; Apple iOS 7.1
- Managing the temperature setting even remotely from your smartphone / tablet
- Managing the chronothermostat with comfort/eco or manual programming, no need for the user manual
- Geolocation function: the heating is switched on / off depending on your position
- Turn the heating off or modify the schedule if you are not at home at the expected time
- Maximize energy efficiency: turn the heating on only when needed
- 100% Designed & Made in Italy

Compatible Accessories:
- Rialto Additional Thermostat.
- Rialto Frame 503.
- Rialto Smart Plug.

Further info from manufacturer on Rialto Thermo Kit
Rialto Termostato: 86 x 86 x 22 mm
Rialto WhiteBox: 110 x 35 x 70 mm

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