ASTREL GROUP Rialto Thermo Kit

Smart domestic heating via Wi-Fi thermostat and App

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Massa, Italy
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Rialto Thermo Kit


Smart domestic heating via Wi-Fi thermostat and App

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Managing energy usage in your home has never been easier!
Making life easier for people thanks to technology, improving comfort and optimizing energy usage. Rialto does all of this: it makes running the home that much easier by reducing energy usage, thanks to a perfect combination of electronic devices, Apps and smart functions.

Rialto Kit Thermo replaces old wall-mounted thermostats and chrono-thermostats in a simple and quick way. Easy to install and to use, Rialto is the ideal solution to manage the cooling (even multi-room) comfortably from the App, both at home and remotely.
Equipped with summer/winter integrated function, the Kit Thermo is compatible with any existing system: radiators, underfloor coils, electrical and / or infra-red radiant panels, heat pump and pellet stove.
Rialto system is expandable up to 32 devices allowing the user to manage energy at home and at work in several areas, even on many floors.

How it works
Rialto Smart Thermostat is a wireless battery-powered thermostat to be used with any existing system.
After installation and connection of the WhiteBox control unit to the ADSL modem with the Ethernet cable, the Smart Thermostat is easily paired with the gateway following a short guided configuration available on “Rialto” App. Once completed those simple steps, the thermostat is already functioning and it can be programmed from smartphone according to your own needs.
Thanks to the control via App, the Kit Thermo improves domestic comfort and allows to optimize consumptions, activating the heating / cooling only when needed, thus avoiding energy wastes in case or errors or unplanned events, even when far from home. Daily and weekly programming is extremely flexible and it can be set depending on your own position (geo-location function).

Further details
Kit Thermo is equipped with:
1 Rialto Smart Thermostat, wireless thermostat managed via App
1 Rialto WhiteBox, control unit for overall coordination and communication of the Rialto system
“Rialto” App for smartphone / tablet iOS or Android
Main features of Rialto Smart Thermostat
Simple: in design in usability
Simple to use and to configure
Universal: being battery-powered, the Rialto thermostat can replace those of any traditional system
Clear: displays all details of operating status
Multi-room: many thermostats can be managed from the same App and WhiteBox control unit, included in the Kit
Multi-user control, even remotely: the system can be used by many users since the App can be installed on several smartphones
Displays consumptions with system operating diagrams and temperature curve
Operation of bistable relay with dry contact (max 5A @ 230V)
Terminal (NC-C-NO) allowing management of systems with zone valves
100% Designed & Made in Italy
Special functions
Keypad lockout function
Cascade connection between Smart Thermostat and other Rialto devices to activate electrical devices depending on the room temperature (i.e. electric radiators, radiant panels, pellet stoves and fans)
Geo-location function to activate heating / cooling depending on your position on the map
OFF function to switch off completely the thermostat when not used
Compatible products
Rialto system can be expanded adding one or more of the following devices (up to 32):
Rialto Smart Thermostat: wireless smart thermostat to manage multi-zone heating / cooling
Rialto Smart Plug: wireless plug with energy meter for programming household appliances (i.e. washing machine, electric radiators)
Rialto Smart Switch: wireless wall-mounted relay with terminals and energy meter to activate and program electric loads
Rialto Smart Relay: relay with dry wireless contact for remote control of all devices with digital input (i.e. pellet stove)
Rialto Smart Meter: wireless energy meter to monitor consumptions on a single-phase line up to 15 kW (i.e. switchgear, electricity meter, lights)
Rialto Smart Thermostat 86 x 86 x 22 mm
Rialto WhiteBox 110 x 35 x 70 mm

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