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Solar PV immersion

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4-noks Power Reducer SA


Solar PV immersion

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Power Reducer SA is a completely stand-alone control device with a built-in energy meter that provides the facility ofproducing hot water without ever drawing power from the grid. Connected to a water heater / storage tank with an electric immersion element rated from 3.0 to 9.0 kW, Power Reducer SA can deliver immediate savings.
Power Reducer SA diverts surplus energy automatically (even just a few hundred Watts) without drawing from the grid. Measuring available energy by means of the current transformer (CT) installed on the meter line of the grid supply, the Power Reducer SA minimizes the power demand of the electric element in the water heater / hot water storage tank, consequently avoiding the need to draw electricity from the grid.

Main features
Modulates power absorbed by the heating element, exploiting available PV energy without drawing power from the grid
Easy to install: no plumbing skills required
Safe: compliance with CE and EMC regulations for residential and commercial use
CT (current transformer) included for calculation of available energy
Boost function: forces activation of heating element when PV energy production ceases

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280 x 295 x 70,5 mm

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