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Electric wall-mounted aluminium decorative radiator

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Electric wall-mounted aluminium decorative radiator

AGATE radiator is a slim wall or ceiling mounted panel on the surface of which we can print from a wide variety of designs, including abstract and graphic designs, animals, nature, inspiration, pictures, towns, and monuments, painted artworks or plain colours. The heater becomes art and adds a personal touch to your home or office. More than 300 artworks are available to order.
Made in Aluminium, with very high printing quality, all materials and processes were selected to offer the best product in a very large selection of sizes. You have the unique possibility to change your pictures without changing your heater!
AGATE heaters provide all the benefits of radiant heating in a pleasing and convenient wall mounted solution. As a statement of design, they are equally suitable for the home or office. At the heart of each AGATE radiator is the special thin film heating element. The whole surface is heated to an even temperature and emits a natural sort of infrared heat very close to the human body’s heat. AGATE radiant heaters emit up to 75% of their heat output in the form of radiated heat. Thus, convection is reduced and most of the heat is then directed to the occupants.
- choice of more than 300 designs
- change your picture without limit
- comfortable Radiant Heating
- maximum Energy Saving
- 5 sizes
- outputs from 400 to 1200 W.

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