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Mirror defoggers

ATH Energia OPAL Mirror Demisters are equally suited for domestic or commercial wet rooms to help prevent misting of mirrors or to demist mirrors when the room is steamy.
When connected, the thin heating film gently warms the mirror to prevent condensation which normally occurs when steamy atmosphere strikes a cold surface and can dry an already wet mirror.
The film has a self-adhesive surface to apply to the back of the mirror for quick and easy installation. OPAL Mirror Demisters are available in a variety of sizes up to 1800 mm x 600 mm. A special 12V version is available for caravan and camper use.
Electrical connection is normally made through the light wiring or shaver socket. Thus, you save energy by using it only when you are there.
- quick installation with self adhesive film
- connection to a suitable nearby power supply
- choice of 17 sizes and more on demand
- voltage 230 V or 12 V version (caravanning and boating).

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