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Radiating cable and mat

TENERE Radiant Underfloor Heating by ATH Energia is supplied as cable rolls, or pre-sized mats.
The heating mats are incorporated into the floor at the time of construction. Cable in roll or mat is set into wet concrete, secured in place with plastic pegs and then, covered by a level surface of concrete of 30 to 40 mm. When the slab is dry the floor is completed.
As with all floor heating, it is important that there is a layer of insulation below the heating mat to prevent heat loss from the back surface. After drying out and decorating, the heating system is ready to run. In this way, the whole floor surface, except areas to be covered by fixed furniture, will be turned into a large and gentle radiant heat source, ensuring even, gentle and invisible heating for the room.
- for use in concrete floors
- invisible - frees wall space
- simple to install and no maintenance
- available as cable rolls, or mats
- 17 lengths from 9 m to 152 m
- 0,5 m or 0,85 m wide mats
- 17 sizes of mats from 1 to 22 mq
- outputs from 150 to 2600 W
- a range of control accessories.

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Radiant floor panels Collection by ATH Italia
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