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Atlas ConcordeGREENCOLORS | Porcelain stoneware flooring

Glazed stoneware flooring

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Atlas Concorde

Spezzano di Fiorano, Italy
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GREENCOLORS | Porcelain stoneware flooring
Glazed stoneware flooring
Glazed stoneware

Atlas Concorde continues its commitment to safeguarding the environment with a collection with a palette of twenty-two colours inspired by nature and contemporary living style. GreenColors is in glazed porcelain stoneware, entirely Made in Italy, Ecolabel certified and manufactured using 99% of recycled raw materials deriving from internal industrial waste: it is the perfect merger of eco-sustainability and Atlas Concorde top quality and high-technology. Ten neutral colour hues, five cold and five warm tints combine with a palette of twelve pure colours, offering a complete range in matt finish and 20x20 size. In the six main colours of the range, the grip 20x20 finish with R10 A+B anti-slip value is also available as well as five trim tiles. Perfect for public, residential and commercial venues, GreenColors is minimal and exuberant at the same time, is pure energy that embraces all senses, but it also stands for socially responsible choices and environmental protection. 
Technology: Glazed porcelain stoneware 
Size: Ÿ 20x20 
Surface finish: Ÿ Matt,Ÿ Grip 
Matt: ŸNeve, Ghiaccio, Ÿ Cemento, Ÿ Fumo,  Notte, Avorio,Ÿ Sabbia,Ÿ Corda, ŸFango,Ÿ Moka,Ÿ Menta, ŸLime,Ÿ Prato, Celeste,Ÿ Indaco,Ÿ Zaffiro, Glicine,Ÿ Lavanda,Ÿ Malva,Ÿ Mais,Ÿ Mandarino, Cremisi. 
Grip: ŸNeve, Cemento,Ÿ Avorio,  Corda,Ÿ Menta, ŸIndaco. 

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