AVE DOMINAplus | VMC integration

Home automation system for HVAC control for households

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Rezzato, Italy
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DOMINAplus | VMC integration


Home automation system for HVAC control for households

DOMINAplus is the range of home automation products from AVE which provide the best solutions for comfort, safety and control. The DOMINAplus home automation system makes it possible for its multiple functions to interact, adapting to all requirements but remaining easy and intuitive to use, practical to install and simple to configure. DOMINAplus improves the quality of life in homes, making the rooms more welcoming and pleasant to inhabit, improving energy savings, control and protection.

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Benefits - added value - operation
The heat recovery unit is a ventilation system simple to be installed, highly efficient, able to assure the whole house air-exchange all the year around and to offer the maximum comfort with the low maintenance and low energy consumption. It allows to keep a high indoor-air-quality level by exhausting to the outside those volatile organics which are dangerous to the human health as well as to the building while intaking fresh filtered air.
The unit offers a top energy saving: thermal saving thanks to the highly efficient heat exchanger and electrical saving thanks to the low consumption EC brushless motors.

Added value to the building
In the new buildings compliant with the latest building regulations the structure is so well insulated and more air tight that no natural ventilation is allowed. The heat recovery units are designed to maintain stable humidity levels, free from condensation in order to prevent the degrade of the fabric of our homes.
Thanks to the heat recovery units the building can reach the highest energy class in terms of efficiency and therefore acquire a higher value on the market.

The ventilation unit intakes fresh filtered air from outside into the house (to bedrooms and living rooms).  At the same time it exhausts stale air from inside the house (bathroom, kitchen, laundry) outside. It runs the two streams of air through a highly efficient heat exchanger so that the air coming in from outside can pick up some of the heat (or coolness) of the escaping inside air.
The low consumption EC brushless motors are controlled so to operate at the minimum speed continuously. Higher motor speeds can be activated via remote sensors like humidistat and CO2 or manually, when the indoor air quality is jeopardised.

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